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Fragile X Society – BALKANS

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Non–governmental and non–profit society established for an indefinite period of time, with the main objective to organize medical education, research activities and health promotion in the field of Fragile X

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Fragile X team in Belgrade, Serbia

With great pleasure, we present the Fragile X Clinic, operating within the Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology at 17a Sokobanjska Street in Belgrade. The clinic is available to all families affected by Fragile X syndrome and/or related conditions, as well as those with suspected Fragile X-related conditions.

This facility serves as a hub for obtaining the latest recommendations related to Fragile X, offering a multidisciplinary approach with a team of medical experts from various fields. Individuals with conditions associated to Fragile X undergo a comprehensive team evaluation. Leading the team in Serbia is Prof. Dr. Dragana Protić, specialist of clinical pharmacology, internationally recognized expert in the field of Fragile X, renowned for her impressive scientific and professional contributions in this field. Prof. Dr. Protic is a member of The Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium.

In addition to serving families in Serbia, the Fragile X team extends its services to families and patients from across the region and Europe. The Fragile X Clinic is internationally recognized (more info at: fragilex.org/professional-resources/fragile-x-clinics/international-support-clinics).

Appointments for examinations and consultations can be scheduled via email at sanja.dimitrijevic@sbcprn.com or by sending a message to +381 (0)63 510 304.