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Healing and Hope: Treating Fragile X in Serbia

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Lecturers at the conference “Autism and Fragile X–Associated Disorders”

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Because we care, one of our biggest priorities is to contribute in different health areas

Doc. dr Dragana Prokić

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Detect autism symptoms as early as possible

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Belgrade is the host of the most eminent American and European experts in neurodevelopmental diseases

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Conference “Autism and Fragile X–Associated Disorders”

Belgrade, September 23—24, 2019

Conference “Autism and Fragile X–Associated Disorders”

This is the first conference of this type in the region that is organized with the support of the School of Medicine University of Belgrade, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, The Institute for Mother and Child Health Care of Serbia “Dr. Vukan Cupic” and The Fragile X Society — BALKANS. In addition, it is a great pleasure that the conference is supported by eminent US institutions, such as The UC Davis MIND Institute, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and The National Fragile X Foundation (US).

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